00 Gouge for Ayala Child Theme formats

  • How to RESIZE IMAGE (using GIMP for gimp.org  = “free” photoshop like image program)

  • -Want a red [MORE…] button put class=”AyalaMOREButton” inside the button title inside the 'a's like so:
  • -Want images with a shadow border – place CSS class for image of “ayala-img-1px-frame-shadowbox-x4x7” and get this
  • -Also remember to set the size of the picture to what you need by placing a cursor over the image (click on it) and a “pencil” will show up to “edit”.  Select the pencil [edit] and choose “Cutom Size” in the Display section


  • -Want to embed youtube video use the following code (edited in text mode – not visual) like so:
    [ embedyt ] url2vid [ /embedyt ]


  • -Want a border and shadow around the video sized 585×406 pixels use a <div class = “ayala-vid-1px-frame-shadowbox-x7x12-size-585×406”>video short code in here</div> and get this