SCRIP Fundraising


$$$ Scrip profit now goes to student fair share donation! $$$

Use Scrip and make your money work for you! A percentage of the total amount will be credited to your student’s Fair Share Donation.  Check out the link to Great Lakes Scrip to see the current cards available and the % each gives back to your student’s account.

Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you purchase at retail stores and work the same way. Rebates vary based on each vendor and seasonal promotions. See a list of vendors as of April 2016 HERE -> and by Categories HERE -> or goto to see the latest list of vendors or watch the video at the end of this post.

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  1. View of Sample Order Form

    Download and complete the order form. Click to download our form here -> Ayala Scrip Order Form.

  2. Place your check and completed order form in the fundraiser box in the band room.

  3. Checks and order forms will be collected on the first Thursday of each month at the Booster meeting by Judy Sandvik.

  4. After the cards are received (around 3rd Thursday of the month), contact Judy to pick them up from her home between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00pm on that same Thursday.

  5. Any cards not picked up at that time will be given to Marissa Murray to be distributed unless other arrangements have been made.

Any questions? Email Judy Sandvik at

Here’s a tiny example of what SCRIP you can do for you!

Remember that this is money you mostly likely will already spend and not something extra….  Bringing in family members to purchase SCRIP for groceries and clothing will multiply your advantage- IT’S UNLIMITED REALLY!

1. Say for the next 6 months you shop for your monthly groceries at one of these stores at $600/mo @ 4% = $144

2. Maybe you want to go somewhere in November to see your favorite Band Member and fly or stay at one of these places with a script purchase of $1000 @ 4% = $40

3. Come August you have to go school clothes shopping at one of these outfits (avg of 10% or better) for $500 @ 10% = $50

4. Throughout the year you can patronize these locales varying from 4%-13% in the tune of $1000 @ 9% average = $90

5. That would be (for this example) a total of $324 towards your son or daughters fair share with money you know you’re already going to spend.