Each member is asked for a donation to help pay the costs of after school activities, competitions and festivals. If donations from the group are not received, the ensemble will simply not be able to enjoy the assets (drill, music arrangements, instructional staff, transportation to the events, etc.) which are needed to maintain our performance level of excellence.

This year the Ayala Band and Color Guard will be participating in local competitions, BOA Regional Championships in Southern California, and the Grand National Championships in Indianapolis, IN. The second semester groups will be participating in local competitions/festivals and may go on tour in the Spring.  In all cases, if we do not achieve our donation/fundraising targets by a prescribed date, ensemble activities will be cancelled or modified to meet our fiscal assets.

The BAC uses donations to fund the direct operating costs of the music program. Donations are budgeted to break even on a seasonal basis and include:

  • The instruction and design staff (above and beyond Mr. Stone and Mr. Lowe) that coach the marching band, color guard, winter percussion, winter guard, and stage ensembles. They also develop our show music and design our performances.
  • Transportation of the students, instruments, and equipment to performances.
  • Housing and feeding of the students and staff at overnight performances. Personal items for each student such as squad shirts, gloves, patches, etc.