Selling the 2006 – 2014 Ayala Band & Colorguard uniform

Ayala Band and Colorguard Uniforms for Sale, $100

We are selling our 2006-2014 Ayala BAC Uniforms. Proceeds to fund additional uniform related items.
Purchase to include full uniform: Jacket, Pants, Gauntlets, Shako and Plume. If you would like to receive your students uniform at banquet please turn in your form and payment to the Fairshare Box by May 24th. Forms available online in the Ayala news email, as well as in the band room.
Please note: Uniform Sales are ongoing and will still be available after the banquet.

For any questions or to correspond regarding your student’s uniform contact Leslie Byers via email:
Please write “Uniform Sale” as the Subject title.


2016 Ayala Marching Band and Color Guard Results Posted

Ayala Band and Color Guard 2016-2017 Results Posted

Mr. Stone, Mr. Mast and Mr. Rogers posted the 2016-2017 Marching Band and Color Guard results at 8pm Monday night with about 3 dozen nervous onlookers eagerly awaiting following the 2016 CVUSD District Showcase.

Look at the Marching Band Results PDF ->

Or select a page below for instant views.  Don’t forget, we will have a MANDATORY parent meeting on Thursday, May 26th in the Multi purpose room, starting at 7PM.

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_1-1Page 1 Ai-Ho

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_2-1Page 2 Ho-Ri

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_3-1Page 3 Ro-Zu

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_4-1Page 4

Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Compiled April, 2016


During Ayala’s 20 years of WGI participation:

  • *A medal in EVERY scholastic class offered by WGI at World Championships (PSA, PSO, PSCO, PSW, PSCW – only school to EVER to do this),
  • *31 appearances in finals (concert & marching combined – more than any other school in WGI history),
  • *A Gold Medal in both Marching and Concert in the same year (only school EVER to do this – now TWICE!): 2010 & 2016,
  • *10 World Championship titles (PSA, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW),
  • *19 World Championship medals (10 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze),
  • *The third highest World Class score ever earned (2009 PSCW)