ZZZZ160911PF Taco Night


ONE BAND/TWO TACOS (and a drink)/$5.00

Please join us for our first BAC taco night!

Monday, September 19 @6:30 pm

In the stadium!!

Michael Sullivan and Kevin Murray will be serving up delicious beef and chicken tacos for our BAC families to enjoy and to raise money for our


Look for their grills on the blacktop on the west side of the stadium

near the parking lot entrance.

Come join in the fun and good food!!

INDY Cheering section

Ayala Band and Colorguard 

March to INDY! 

“Indy Cheering Section” Order Information 


Bands of America Grand National Championships presented by Yamaha 

November 9-12, 2016: Lucas Oil Stadium: Indianapolis, IN 

Schedule of Events  

•Friday Preliminaries – 50 bands plus exhibition(s) 

•Saturday Semi-Finals – top 32-36 bands plus exhibition(s) 

•Saturday Finals (6:30pm) – top 12 bands plus Awards Ceremony  (the deadline to order finals tickets with the group has passed) 

Also the Grand National Expo featuring more than 100 exhibit booths on the concourse. 


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ZZZZ160906 PF Personal Ads due NLT 16th September!!! for Music in Motion

Music in Motion Program Advertising

This year marks our 10th Annual Music in Motion Field Tournament at Ayala High School Stadium. Thirty high school marching bands and auxiliary from across California will compete for top honors. More than 3,000 performers are expected to attend, along with several thousand spectators during the day. The tournament program offers an exciting opportunity to advertise your business or support your band member through personal ads.

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Volunteers – Job Descriptions

FOOD CONCESSION – Preparation, grilling, serving and selling food and beverages. There are 2 Food Concession Stands. Stand 1 is located close to the entrance near the ticket booth and Stand 2 is by the Student/Visitor’s bleachers side.


STADIUM – Checks wristband before entering the stadium. Spectators should be wearing the wristband and not holding it.

You control the flow of traffic on the stadium by having spectators enter the bleachers only when the bands are not performing. If a band is performing, it is your job to hold the spectators at the entrance until performance is concluded.

There will be some students that will help do silent selling of water bottle and programs.


TICKETS – Sells tickets and programs at the ticket booth by the entrance. There will be some students that will assist spectators to put on their wristbands before they enter the Gates.


CASH – Handles the money as they collect all payments from Food Concessions, Ticket Booths, Stadium, Parking, Staging, Volunteer Check-In, and Merchandise.


GATES – Will only allow people with wristbands, designated Vendors and VIP passes to enter the field. The wristband must be worn before passing through the gates.


STAGING – Assists the next performing marching band by directing them where and when to enter the field of competition per their scheduled time. Give moral support to all the participants.


FIRST AID – Provides medical help. Volunteers should have medical training (doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc.)


PARKING – Directs cars, school buses, trucks, and semis to the designated unloading, loading and parking areas.


SETUP/CLEAN-UP – Assists in the setup of other stations as well as placing signs around the school. You will assist in the clean-up of the stadium and the overall event.


PARTICIPANTS CHECK-IN – Assists all participating schools to check in. Wristbands or hand stamps will be given to all participants, directors and staff. You will direct participating schools to their designated areas after signing in. The Participant Check-In area is held in Litel Elementary School.


VOLUNTEERS CHECK-IN – Assists all Volunteers on signing in and giving their name tags. They will also direct volunteers to their assigned areas.


HOSPITALITY – Help in preparing and serving the food for VIPs and the Hospitality Tent.


JUDGES RUNNER – (students only) help with delivering tabulations between the judges and tabulator.


*Note: After the event, it is the responsibility of the Ayala band members (students) to help clean up the stadium, football field, quads and other areas of the school. We make sure that our school is clean before we leave. All of us can help in this area. If we all work together, we all can go home early.


Please sign in at the “Volunteer Check-In Area” and get your name badge before you start your shift. It will be located between the tennis courts and the swimming pool.