eScrip Instructions


eScrip is now available to the Ayala BAC to purchase gift cards/vouchers for all your needs at ANY TIME. Please follow these instructions to get linked with Presto Pay to earn credits on everyday items.

1) Go to:
2) Click on “register”

3) Click on “Join a Scrip Program”


4) Enter BAC Enrollment Code (contact Judy Sandvik for this)


5) Complete the registration process by entering all required information, then click “Register”


a) Register your phone


6) You will set up a Presto Pay account, which links the company to your checking or savings account

a) Go to Dashboard


b) Go to left side and click on “Family Functions”


c) Click on “Presto Pay,” there is a video about the process you may watch.


d) Read the terms. If you agree, click “Yes and I Agree”


e) Enter banking and personal information. Click “Next”.


7) You will get confirmation of the PrestoPay setup. Read carefully to understand the next steps.

  1. Once you have entered the information and saved it, GLS will deposit 2 small amounts into your designated account (usually under $1.00) within 2 days. This is to make sure all banking information is correct and working.

  2. Once deposits are made in your account, go back to website, verify amounts deposited, and they will give you an approval code.

  3. Send code to coordinator (Judy Sandvik ) so she can approve it

8) Once the coordinator approves your account, you may finish the process with a pin number you choose and you are ready to go!