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Music in Motion Program Advertising

This year marks our 10th Annual Music in Motion Field Tournament at Ayala High School Stadium. Thirty high school marching bands and auxiliary from across California will compete for top honors. More than 3,000 performers are expected to attend, along with several thousand spectators during the day. The tournament program offers an exciting opportunity to advertise your business or support your band member through personal ads.

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2016 Ayala Marching Band and Color Guard Results Posted

Ayala Band and Color Guard 2016-2017 Results Posted

Mr. Stone, Mr. Mast and Mr. Rogers posted the 2016-2017 Marching Band and Color Guard results at 8pm Monday night with about 3 dozen nervous onlookers eagerly awaiting following the 2016 CVUSD District Showcase.

Look at the Marching Band Results PDF ->

Or select a page below for instant views.  Don’t forget, we will have a MANDATORY parent meeting on Thursday, May 26th in the Multi purpose room, starting at 7PM.

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_1-1Page 1 Ai-Ho

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_2-1Page 2 Ho-Ri

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_3-1Page 3 Ro-Zu

Marching Band Results, 2016-17_Page_4-1Page 4

Matching Corporate Donations

Make a donation to the Ayala BAC and have your company match it!

SempraEnergy-255x80If you work for any of the depicted corporations (only 3 shown of thousands…) on either side of this article then you have the ability to leverage your donation to the next level.    Maximize your funds and have your corporate employer match them for the Ayala BAC. 

We HIGHLY encourage you to contact your company’s matching fund administrator to utilize this option.  For a list of companies known to donate to non-profits and charities look HERE -> .  Also you can follow this link <Company Lookup> to lookup companies by name – scroll down until you see “ Search for another company” and click that to see if your corporation has matching donations.

For example the Sempra Energy rules are HERE -> RULES and they match one for one.  If you donate  $100 – then Sempra Energy would pay $100 by using your automatic pay deduction for a combined donation of $200 towards the program.

Good Shop our way to Indy and save big $$$

          Instant internet gratification shopping can lead to indirect donations to the Ayala BAC program simply by choosing to shop through GoodShop online.  Currently the Ayala BAC Booster non-profit program is enrolled to allow our greater Booster population to shop with and achieve coupons, deals and discounts on merchandise while the company you buy the product for donates a small amount back to the Ayala BAC.  Donation amount vary but range anywhere from 1% to 3% on most companies websites.

Where the program differs from SCRIP is it is gear primarily towards online shopping but a lot of the companies offer printable coupons to utilize at brick and mortar locations.

For example, American Eagle Outfitters currently has multiple 20%-50% off coupons that also pays back 3% to the Ayala BAC.  Shopping there as an organization of 250 families strong will net Ayala $30 per $1000 spent whilst saving our families on their bottom line.  What is not to Love?

Use Goodshop to support Your Cause