Matching Corporate Donations

Make a donation to the Ayala BAC and have your company match it!

SempraEnergy-255x80If you work for any of the depicted corporations (only 3 shown of thousands…) on either side of this article then you have the ability to leverage your donation to the next level.    Maximize your funds and have your corporate employer match them for the Ayala BAC. 

We HIGHLY encourage you to contact your company’s matching fund administrator to utilize this option.  For a list of companies known to donate to non-profits and charities look HERE -> .  Also you can follow this link <Company Lookup> to lookup companies by name – scroll down until you see “ Search for another company” and click that to see if your corporation has matching donations.

For example the Sempra Energy rules are HERE -> RULES and they match one for one.  If you donate  $100 – then Sempra Energy would pay $100 by using your automatic pay deduction for a combined donation of $200 towards the program.