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Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Compiled April, 2016


During Ayala’s 20 years of WGI participation:

  • *A medal in EVERY scholastic class offered by WGI at World Championships (PSA, PSO, PSCO, PSW, PSCW – only school to EVER to do this),
  • *31 appearances in finals (concert & marching combined – more than any other school in WGI history),
  • *A Gold Medal in both Marching and Concert in the same year (only school EVER to do this – now TWICE!): 2010 & 2016,
  • *10 World Championship titles (PSA, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW),
  • *19 World Championship medals (10 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze),
  • *The third highest World Class score ever earned (2009 PSCW)

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