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In 1991 the Ayala Band Director asked a former drum line student to start the Ayala Marching Drum Line and over the years the Ayala Marching Drum Line has won WGI World Champions ....

Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Ayala’s WGI Percussion Statistics

Compiled April, 2016


During Ayala’s 20 years of WGI participation:

  • *A medal in EVERY scholastic class offered by WGI at World Championships (PSA, PSO, PSCO, PSW, PSCW – only school to EVER to do this),
  • *31 appearances in finals (concert & marching combined – more than any other school in WGI history),
  • *A Gold Medal in both Marching and Concert in the same year (only school EVER to do this – now TWICE!): 2010 & 2016,
  • *10 World Championship titles (PSA, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW, PSCW, PSCW, PSCW, PSW),
  • *19 World Championship medals (10 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze),
  • *The third highest World Class score ever earned (2009 PSCW)

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