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“The color guard activity exists to foster positive experiences for all who participate, by promoting education, creativity, and freedom of expression through the unification of pageantry and the performing arts.” - Winter Guard International

Color Guard is competitive dance theater using props along with dance as a visual expression of music performed by a marching band or independently to pre-recorded music. Color Guard is both an athletic competition and a form of art that mixes modern dance and ballet choreography while using props that traditionally include rifles, flags and sabres.

The Ayala High School Color Guard, directed by Mr. Mario Ramirez, competes with the Marching Band from August through November, using choreography and equipment to enhance the visual effect of the Marching Band show. The Color Guard is judged both as part of the overall visual appeal of the show as well as in its own category. From January through April, the Color Guard competes in "Winter Guard", an indoor Color Guard activity performed indoors to pre-recorded music, usually in a gym or indoor arena. The Winter Guard unit performs using dance, acrobatics, and props including flags, rifles, and sabres. During the Winter Guard season, Ayala High School has two guard units; the A Guard and the World Guard teams. The A Guard is a beginning to intermediate level team while the World Guard participates at a higher level of competition. 


The benefits students derive from being in a winter guard are innumerable. EXPERIENCES THAT MOLD THE STUDENTS’ FUTURE  Students experience a “community” of peers all focused on a positive common goal.  Students learn about commitment.  Students learn that competition is a means to set new standards and they learn to push themselves to meet and try to surpass those standards.  Students learn to respect their competitive peers and grow from that experience.  Students learn how to cope with situations that sometimes don’t feel “fair” and they learn how to turn that experience into motivation for growth.  Students learn the art of communication to others through performance.  Students develop the self confidence to tackle tough tasks and see them through to completion.


 Students benefit physically from the training and demands placed on them through movement, dance and prop manipulation.  Students build endurance through expanded rehearsal and training programs.  Students learn how to solve problems creatively and adapt to the need to be flexible in their pursuit of their performance objectives.  Students learn music. The rhythmic and dynamic challenges placed on them turns them into visual musicians as they illustrate the sound of the show through body and equipment.  Students broaden their aesthetic reality through diverse program and performance situations.


The presence of a competitive guard in a school places the students in the public eye bringing positive awareness to the school and the community. They are a Public Relations asset.  Marching Band programs are enhanced through the guard’s ability to create and illustrate the music for the gratification of the viewing audience.  The commitment and dedication of the guard, learned through winter programs, enhances the performance standards of the entire band. MOST OF ALL, THE STUDENTS FIND JOY THROUGH PERFORMANCE, ESTABLISH LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS WITH THEIR PEERS, LEARN TO NETWORK WITH OTHERS PARTICIPATING IN GUARDS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AND CREATE MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME. The Ayala Winter Guard competes in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC and at Winter Guard International (WGI Regional Championships. During the Winter Guard season, both teams will compete in a number of WGASC competitions as well as the World Guard team will compete at local WGI Regional events. The season culminates at the annual WGASC Championships held in mid-April.

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