The Ayala Band & Color Guard program is dedicated to the principle that expressing oneself through music and creativity within the discipline of a regimented format produces well-balanced, responsible adults who have the ability to go on and lead their own teams in the future.

We teach teamwork through music and the creative arts as students work together to make a harmonious sound and strikingly visual performance. We provide many opportunities to learn leadership skills as students progress along their journey to potentially become section captains, drum majors, or team leads.

We have a simple philosophy for being a successful high school music program – β€œthe group that is the best and wins the most is the group that is willing to work the hardest and the smartest.” The students and instructors will put in long hours to achieve this goal, but the outcome is a world class music program that has shown its ability to consistently rise above the pack.

To Excel is to continually perform.

Not for a moment or moments.

Not for a day or days.

But to perform day after day, month after month, and to make that uncommon performance look commonplace.

To Excel is to take the inner drive of competition and not only embrace it, but master it.

It is no wonder then, that when one truly excels, one is known for excellence.

It cannot be taught, or legislated, or willed into existence. It must come from the very depths of an individual’s desire to be the best.

– Anonymous –


This year Ayala BAC will be participating in many different activities. In the first semester, the Ayala Marching Band will perform at seven different field tournaments, several home football games, parades, and a number of community performances. We also perform at some home basketball games.

During the second semester, we offer Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, two Jazz Ensembles (Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band), Orchestra, two Indoor Percussion Ensembles (Marching & Concert), and Winter Color Guard. Other BAC activities include fundraising drives, a beach trip, barbeques, potlucks, and performance trips.


In our culture, music is often treated incorrectly from a competitive point of view. It is treated like a sporting event, where groups are always judged by how they compare to other groups. We feel that music is an art and everyone has the right to express themselves in their own individual ways.

Although Ayala BAC competes in tournaments throughout the year, the emphasis is on the students performing to the best of their abilities. The goal is not necessarily to win top honors, but to ensure students are stretching their potential and striving for excellence.